Where did we come from and how did we end up here: the art of storytelling

This picture depicts books and loose pages. Written across two of the open books is the phrase ‘turn the page’.
Photo by Daniel Schludi via Unsplash
  • When, how, where and why the business started (if you’re curious about our when, how, where and why, take a look here)
  • Where you are now
  • How you got there
  • Wins along the way
  • Setbacks along the way
  • What you learned
  • The stories behind your values — as words or phrases alone, these will never resonate in the way you want them to. If you want your team to live and breathe them, you have to breathe life into them through stories.
  • Where we’re headed (pick your timeframe — 12, 24, 36, 60 months);
  • Referring back to those founding stories — explain how given the previous setbacks experienced, you don’t necessarily expect that it will be smooth sailing along the way;
  • Chat about the milestones that you’re going to celebrate;
  • Chat about what could go wrong;
  • Chat about how you’re going to work together to get through the tough times and how you expect your team to work.



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